cResults was founded in 2005 as an affiliate company of IPS, with the goal of providing software solutions that are integrated with operational excellence principles. cResults is trusted by industry leaders worldwide and its solutions Smart-QA, Smart-QC, Smart-QD and FDAAWARE are implemented in fortune 500 companies.

cResults has leveraged years of experience in lean and six-sigma and has integrated these approaches in its suite of efficiency and risk management platforms.

cResults platforms has helped its clients drive efficiency, cost reduction and service level improvements for the past decade. Our years of experience have helped us develop a roust and extensive performance management modules that aid our clients to meet their business goals via our Smart-QX platforms.

cResults headquarters is in New Jersey and it has an offshore development team in Pune India. cResults has implementation partners to support its software solution implementations worldwide. Our clients constantly provide new requirements and suggestions to further improve our platforms. We are fortunate to have some of the largest life-science companies on our client list.

President & Founder

Rafi Maslaton, President and founder of cResults, oversees all operational and business development activities. Mr. Maslaton has over 20 years of diversified experience in operations, manufacturing engineering, information systems, and business management issues for fortune 500 firms. Prior to joining cResults he served as COO of Sparta Systems, the maker of TrackWise, overseeing the complete project life cycle for clients. During his time at Sparta, Mr. Maslaton assisted in business development as well as client support for over 100 FDA-regulated organizations, 19 of which are on the top 20 Life Science companies. Prior to working at Sparta, Mr. Maslaton was a senior partner at Tefen, responsible for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors.

Over the last ten years, Rafi has overseen the development of the Smart-QX platforms including Smart-QA, Smart-QC and Smart-QD and has overseen some of the key accounts of cResults.

As a highly respected operations management expert, Mr. Maslaton has been a featured speaker at several conferences, and published several whitepapers and articles including:

  • ISPE Annual meeting 2011: Identifying best resources impact of Ops Strategy and Design
  • Interphex March 2009: Efficiency management throughout the quality operations; a Par case study
  • Leveraging Lean Techniques & Six Sigma to Drive Operation Excellence at the 6th Lean Six Sigma for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Excellence July 2008
  • ISPE Facility Summit June, 2007 Lean Manufacturing Techniques; a shire case study
  • Medical Device Quality Congress April 2005: Expert Strategies for Global Compliance: Implementing an Electronic Product Complaint Handling System
  • SWE's October 2004: Annual CAPA: CAPA - Holistic Approach
  • CBI's May 2004 and May 2005: 2nd Annual Effective Handling of Pharmaceutical Product Complaints: Determine the Root Causes and Corrective Actions for Product Quality Issues
  • ASQ April 2004: A Holistic Approach to Implementing a Global Quality Management System (QMS)
  • INDUNIV May 2001: Release Time Reduction 3M Pharmaceutical - Case Study
  • Interphex April 1999: Resource Planning and Efficiency Tracking in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Interphex March 2000: Cycle Time Reduction workshop
  • Technical pharmaceutical March 1999: IT Solutions to Enable Best-in-class Performance

Recent Publications

  • Lean Manufacturing: Which Lean approaches and tools are best suited for the Pharmaceutical Industry April 2013 Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Resource Planning in QC Laboratories, in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine
  • Resource Scheduling in QC Laboratories - Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine Sept 2012
  • Pharmaceutical Processing – Managing Efficiency in Quality Organization 7/08
  • Operation Excellence: Leveraging Lean Techniques, LifeSciTech Q4 2007
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering – ISPE: Operation Excellence – Peeling the onion 9/06
  • Pharmaceutical Technology - The Semiconductor Industry may be a Potential Role Model for the Pharmaceutical Industry 12/05
  • FOOD SAFETY: Two editorials about quality management and change control 1/05 and 4/05.
  • Contribution: Pharmaceutical Executive Picking a Place to Grow; Pharmaceutical Quality: What You Should Know NOW About FDA Inspections; Contract Packaging: What’s going on at the packaging line; Pharmaceutical Technology: Software Systems Prepare Manufacturing for Com(PAT)ibility
  • Semiconductor as a role model for the Pharmaceutical industry; Pharmaceutical Executive (Pending)
  • Co-writer: BioBenchmark insert BioPharm International, Benchmarking Study; September 03
  • Cycle time management – Lucent case study; Fabtech 02/01
  • Resource planning and efficiency tracking in the pharmaceutical industry; Pharmaceutical Technology 04/00
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