Smart-QD is the most comprehensive dashboard platform specifically designed for quality operations. It is fully integrated with Smart-QC and Smart-QA while also providing the ability to integrate with almost any other system, such as QMS and ERP to provide the entire list of KPI.

Smart-QD offers a simple upload from MS Excel for KPI that are not automatically captured in any of the corporate systems and the user/site can upload these weekly to Smart-QD. Smart-QD stores the information and provides trends and historical perspective on these critical KPI.

In today's environment and constant pressure on cost, service level, efficiency, and compliance, it has become a challenge how to consolidate all the applicable KPI into a single and comprehensive platform where in a couple of clicks a manager can tell the health of the Quality Operations.

Cloud Services

Our solutions are hosted on Amazon Cloud, one of the most flexible, scalable and reliable cloud providers


Our technical support is available to help you troubleshoot any issue and address challenges post implementation


Implementation support, integration and post go-live help you achieve operational excellence


Go-Live in just a few weeks with our development team configuring your KPI to meet your needs.


  • We implemented Smart-QC in our largest lab which supports several sites, as this is the most feasible way for us to schedule over 150 analyses on a daily basis. We are using the efficiency management module and “right-first-time” as part of our quarterly and yearly review in assessing our resource performance. We have reduced our standard by 15% since system implementation and it is now fully integrated with our OPEX program and supply chain. - TEVA
  • We’ve been using Smart-QC for the past few years and have realized that when we are pressed to improve efficiency, one of the most critical components of our success is having a planning and scheduling system to augment our LIMS system and provide much needed functionalities such as budgeting, next year plans, and more. - Pfizer
  • We selected Smart-QC after reviewing 17 different internal/external solutions and have implemented Smart-QC in less than 5 months in 5 of our key sites. We have 6 more sites coming live soon. Since implementation, we have seen significant improvement in throughput, cycle time reduction, and on-time delivery in the pilot sites. Smart-QC also continues to enhance our overall lab operational excellence. Most recently, we have integrated Smart-QC with our JJ-PS JNJ Lean/Six Sigma program to further enhance our overall performance. –Johnson & Johnson
  • Smart-QC was part of an overall corporate strategy to address the overall planning and scheduling processes in our QC Laboratories. Since the deployment of Smart-QC, we have realized a major reduction in cycle time and improvement in our on-time delivery. Our management team is using the Smart-QC executive dashboard on a weekly basis and we are using the planning module to enhance the overall network capacity. -Biogen